​The Early Childhood Professionals can play a critical role in making connections with parents. Therefor, this connection will influence parents' attitude towards the building of the healthy pathway to their involvement in their childrens' future education.

We strongly believe the child care providers could reach out to parents and make substantial changes in their community. 

Alameda Professional Child Care Association is a California non-profit organization.

Alameda Professional Child Care Assoc​iatio​n

“Where Everybody is Somebody”



The Board Members and staff at (APCCA) are united in their belief that all Family Child Care Homes need;
  • To improve Quality of services
  • To increase their efficiencies
  • To serve their community better

APCCA has been founded by Marva Lyons and Kay Paasche in 2013.


          APCCA Board Members:

Kay Paasche
Vice President
Cassandra Kelly
Marva Lyons
Pam Lewis
Cassandra Kelly
Phone Tree
A. Jones/E. Mitchell
Email Tree
Natanya Mitchell
Event/Hotel Chair
Pam Lewis
Fundraising Chair
Davella Steptoe-Gray
Membership Chair
Marva Lyons
Sunshine Chair
Natashia Wade
Professional Growth
Charlotte Guinn

Legislation Chair

​Emus Mitchell