Alameda Professional Child Care Assoc​iatio​n

“Where Everybody is Somebody”

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We Welcome all child care providers in Alameda including family child care providers, Center directors, Teachers, Parents, and friends to join The Alameda Professional Child Care Association.

Increase efficiency  of our FCC
Improving quality of our FCC
We need you as you need us!

1- To create new methods to increase efficiency of child care services.

2- To improve the quality of existing child care services and facilities, and improve the image of family child care.

3- To promote education of the community concerning the advantage and value of licensed childcare homes

4- To encourage good communication between child's parents and childcare home.

​5- To provide unified voice for securing funds.

Our busy Board is ALWAYS looking for Volunteers to assist us in variety of 
capacities in the organization.

Improving the image of our FCC

Alameda Professional Child Care Association is an organization dedicated to promoting quality child care, by strengthening the profession of family child care, throughout the Bay Area! 



Alameda Professional Child Care Association is a California non-profit organization.
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